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Operation Spearhead unfolds March 25th

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Handgun and Rifle Training:

With over 50 years of combined Special Forces experience this training will be like no other. Handguns, Carbines and thousands of rounds. You won't find this level of experience or trigger time anywhere else!


The warning order is given. Now you and your team must conduct a brief, plan the mission, prepare, & execute. Learn the 5 elements of a mission and be the one to take the direct action strike. The intel shows the stakes are high, the enemy fierce, and the clock is not on your side. Do you have what it takes?

Drop or No Drop:

Skydiving is optional, but nothing says "Hooyah" like dropping in on your enemy where they least expect it. This isn't child's play--lives are at stake!



Former U.S. Navy SEAL and founder of TACTIC. "DT" deployed several times to Persian Gulf and Afghanistan.


Currently a Marine who frequently deploys to Iraq and Afghanistan. We're glad he's on our side.


Airborne, Ranger Qualified, Sniper Instructor who then transferred to Private Military Contracting with multiple deployments to Southwest Asia and Africa


Bringing 21 years of service, 14 overseas combat deployments, this Special Operations Sniper Team Leader also has experience with the US Army Special Operations Command.

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